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The Coulonge River


Here are the most popular access points on the Coulonge River:

Access points

(According to the guide-map of the
"Fédération Québécoise du canot et du kayak")

Approximate duration of the expedition

(Indicatory data varying according
to the
speed of the paddler)

Lac Larouche
Lac Green
Lac Barrage
Lac Grand
Lac Pomponne
KM 135
Lac Bryson
KM 99 - Gauthier Falls
KM 86
KM 66
KM 55
KM 51
Lac Jim
KM 46 - Rapid Poplar

12 days
11 days
11 days
10 days
7-8 days
5-6 days
5-6 days
4-5 days
3-4 days
3 days
2-3 days
2 days
2 days
1-2 days

Drinkable water; beautiful beaches at campsites; wild river not frequently visited; excellent fishing; clear pebbly or sandy bottom according to section.


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