This summer, Aventure Rivière Sauvage and its dynamic team invite you to paddle the pristine waters of the three sister-rivers of the Pontiac, for an unforgettable experience during which you will enjoy the intense pleasures of canoe-camping.

The Noire, Coulonge and Dumoine rivers are offering canoeists hundreds of paddling waterways, allowing the discovery of magnificent wild sceneries that are breath-taking. During your river run on these waters rich in history and splendors, you will benefit from what mother nature has best to offer: sandy beaches, numerous campsites, limpid waters, enchanting landscapes, the opportunity to observe the flora and the animal wildlife... a perfect setting for a privileged moment of relaxation!

ARS invites you to discover these three magnificent rivers which still remain to this day hidden secrets in the heart of the Pontiac.

To obtain the full topography of the river, go check on:

The Noire River

The Noire River takes its source at Lac St-Pierre (in La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve), and unfolds its meanders while flowing through a wild forest region on a distance of 238 kilometers, to discharge in the Outaouais River, upstream from the small village of Waltham.

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The Coulonge River

The Coulonge River takes its source at Lac du Barrage (in La Vérendrye Wildlife reserve), and flows through a totally uninhabited region on an approximate distance of 250 kilometers. Its journey ends in the Outaouais River, in the village of Fort-Coulonge.

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The Dumoine River

The Dumoine River takes its source at Lac Machin, south of Val d’Or (in La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve). It flows on a distance of 244 kilometers up to Lac Holden on the Outaouais River, close to the small municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims.

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