The Dumoine River

The Dumoine River takes its source at Lac Machin, south of Val d’Or (in La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve). It flows on a distance of 244 kilometers up to Lac Holden on the Outaouais River, close to the small municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims.

The Dumoine runs through a still very wild environment. It offers sceneries which are simply superb, typical of the Laurentian region, as well as native wildlife still well preserved. Compared to the Noire and the Coulonge, the Dumoine has the most CII or greater rapids, the highest number of campsites per kilometer, and the most beautiful landscapes. This river is frequently visited in July and August; in spite of its numerous visitors, its water has nonetheless remained clean. The river is also well suited for canoe-camping: it can in fact accommodate several groups at once.

The Dumoine is classified as intermediate; it is therefore ideal for novice and intermediate canoeists. Because of the limited number of access points, this river is better suited for medium to long term expeditions. A good part of its course consists of calm water, but you will nevertheless encounter a few thresholds and falls, as well as a large number of CI to CIV rapids, which are almost all located in the last 70 kilometers.

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