The Coulonge River

The Coulonge River takes its source at Lac du Barrage (in La Vérendrye Wildlife reserve), and flows through a totally uninhabited region on an approximate distance of 250 kilometers. Its journey ends in the Outaouais River, in the village of Fort-Coulonge.

The Coulonge is a very wild river and its course can be divided into 2 sections. The first section (from Lac Green to Lac Pomponne) consists of a succession of lakes joined together by the river, where are concentrated a few rapids and portages. The second section (from Lac Pomponne to the Outaouais River) runs through a crown territory on a distance of 180 kilometers and offers a well varied course. It is punctuated with sections of calm water intersected by sections of swift water, a few magnificent waterfalls, as well as numerous CI to CIV rapids. The runnable rapids are concentrated in the 40 kilometers immediately south of Lac Pomponne.

This exciting and enchanting river offers abundant picturesque campsites of very good quality, as well as beautiful beaches propitious to relaxation and bathing. Compared to the Noire and the Dumoine, the Coulonge has the highest percentage of rapids of all classifications, and presents an interesting combination of lake travel and river paddling. Of the three rivers, the Coulonge has the most diverse geography, making it a fascinating and ever-changing landscape.

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